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Concrete Wall

Newmar Allstar
Full Renovation

This Class A mid-coach diesel has a rare split-level design in the rear. The family had spent a great deal of time together in it.  The sentimental value gave way to extensive renovations bringing out it's full beauty.

Before and After

Kitchen After.jpg
Kitchen Before.jpg
Living Area After.jpg
Living Area Before.jpg
PS Chairs.jpg
PS Chairs Before.jpg
Cab After.jpg
Cab Before.jpg
Hall After.jpg
Hall Before.jpg
Mater Bedroom After.jpg
Master bedroom before.jpg
Vanity After.jpg
Vanity Before.jpg
Second Level After.jpg
Second Level Before.jpg
Bathroom Before.jpg
CB area after.jpg
CB Area Before.jpg
Loft After.jpg
Loft Before.jpg
Master Bedroom 2 After.jpg
MAster Bedroom 2 Before.jpg
Driver's Console After.jpg
Drivers Console Before.jpg
Bathroom After.jpg
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